Race 3: Shades of Noir.

Shaded of Noir offers a fantastic range of diverse resources that can be deployed in our teaching practice in a number of ways including (but not exhausted by!) the following:

  1. Events: My first introduction to Shades of Noir has been through the great events they put on such as the Queer Bodies event i attended earlier this year. If I wanted my students to learn about intesectionality I think encouraging students to attend that event, or sharing resources i discovered at that event (e.g. guest’s songs or blogs), or making contact with potential speakers at the event would be great ways to take that forward. I had not been fully aware of QTPOC culture before that event and would now feel in a better postion to address that topic with students now as a result. therefore i think it would be good as a teacher to regularly attend such events in order to stay abreast of these issues in order to address them in class.  See listings here: http://shadesofnoir.org.uk/category/events/
  2. Curriculum Design improvments: SoN’s commitment to improving curriculum design around issues of race mean that the staff can become the institutions go-to resource on how to improve one’s curriculum to make it more inclusive of race issues and other related issues .
  3. Written Resources: The constantly updated set of articles on race in the media is a great resource to both direct students to and to draw upon for materials to discuss in class: https://www.diigo.com/profile/shadesofnoir
  4. Media Resources: The range of media resources , such as podcasts, film lists and film reviews would be useful in terms of locating and assessing the merits for various media resources on race that could be used as the accessible starting point to a class discussion.
  5. Guest lecturers: The list of friends and creative database would be a useful place to search for potential guest lecturers who could offer a different perspective on an issues we were addressing in class and work to make the class room space more representative.
  6. Encouraging Students: The Emerging journal and more generally the pages of the different subject headings could represent a great opportunity to encourage students to publish their writing in a public forum in order to develop their confidence and encourage them to contribute to a collective body of work.

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